Echoes of the Mind is 45 Minutes of Entertaining and Astonishing Mentalism!

James Kagan The Master Mind of Modern Mystery

James Kagan grew up in Alaska, lived on a commune, dropped out of school, graduated from Ringling Bros Clown College, worked as a radio DJ, fell in love at a juggling club, adopted siblings, and wrote computer games and books.

His eclectic life forms the foundation for his feats of mentalism that will amaze, amuse, and astonish you. This 45-minute act is part story-telling, part mind-reading, and 100% entertaining.

What to Expect...

  • Commune Contraband -- what do you get when you cross music with kids living in a cult? You get an underground railroad of cassette tapes, capped off with James "hearing" the song you're only thinking about!

  • Arizona Sight Seer -- think of a tourist destination you'd like to see. Don't tell anyone, just think about it. Looking at a map of the state, James will pinpoint your thoughts.

  • Specimen Roulette -- maybe the less said about this the better -- because you have to see it to believe it! Your energy may be the only thing that keeps James safe!

  • Plus, many more experiments where James will try to influence your choices or read your thoughts. (Some routines may be substituted on the fly, as needed.)

More Info About the Structure of the Show

  • When you go see a band you can sit back and listen. When you see a dance troupe, you can sit back and watch. But when you see a mind-reader... without audience participation there's not a lot James can do. Because it's a mind-reading show! If he asks you to help, you are free to decline -- he will save his crying for after the show and just ask someone else. But know that if he asks for your help, he will greatly appreciate your willingness and will do his best to make you comfortable while you're helping.

  • James doesn't read minds without permission, so if you're having an affair your secret is safe. (Although if he asks you to think of something nobody else knows, maybe think of the time you stole a pen from work, and not who you're doing on the side.) 

  • The show is aimed at adults -- while it's not raunchy, there may be adult themes discussed. While there is no actual age limit, please do not bring any babies or toddlers. Seriously, no babies or toddlers!

  • Echoes of the Mind is approximately 45 minutes in length with no intermission. Feel free to bring a drink in with you from the hotel bar.

  • Dress is casual, but James hopes he doesn't see very many flip-flops. (He will refrain from looking at your feet just in case.)

Location Information

  • Hyatt Place / Old Town
  • 7300 E Third Ave, Scottsdale, AZ, 85251 US

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